SMS Message Pro is a feature rich platform and it’s very scalable. SMS Message Pro was built for business text messaging and to deliver SMS Text Services to all businesses and industries. SMS Message Pro can handle large SMS campaigns and small SMS campaigns. Our SMS Business Text Messaging Software Platform is fully CAN-SPAM compliant, follows the MMA guidelines, is ultra-reliable and can be working for you today. Choose your SMS Package by clicking here.

SMS Message Pro is the most versatile and flexible SMS platform available for business text messaging. Our text messaging platform puts sms text marketing to work for you and your clients immediately. A very user friendly interface. SMS Message Pro is simple to use, if you can send an e-mail you can send SMS Messages to your list right away.

Here are a list of the features you can expect when you order SMS Message Pro today:


Unlimited Keywords

Unlike most other SMS marketing systems that charge $5- $10-$30+ per keyword, per month… SMS Message Pro lets you create Unlimited Keywords that you can use in your sms text message marketing efforts. No more sharing a keyword, no more being told that keyword is taken, with SMS Message Pro you have unlimited keywords in all plans.


Unlimited Groups

Creating Groups will help you to send specific messages to specific groups of people that you want to receive a business text messages. Use your Groups to help you develop a very targeted lists of consumers for your products or services. The SMS Message Pro user friendly interface makes it easy.

Unlimited Multiple Grouping Function

Create Groups to target with Multiple Keywords, then send and schedule SMS messages to multiple groups at the same time. By doing this you can target multiple audiences with your messages. SMS Message Pro lets you send text messages to multiple groups, a single group, and even a single number if you want. This very valuable feature has unlimited uses and capabilities.


Localized SMS Phone Numbers by Area Code

What’s the main benefit to having a local number vs a shortcode (ex: (555) 555-5555 vs 39584)?  You get to choose your localized exchange and you get to choose your KEYWORDS. For example, you may want to use the Keyword FREE, but unless you own your own short code, which can cost thousands of dollars per month, it’s likely the keyword is already taken.  Having your own long code (local phone number) ensures you can choose whatever SMS keywords that you want! The bonus you get by not having a short code is YOU SAVE $$$$ Thousands of dollars per month. Another advantage is having a localized phone number for your prospects, customers and clients. This builds local trust and you have the ultimate advantage.


Rollover Messages For Monthly Service Plans

Just like cell phone providers, some of those OTHER text marketing companies give you a certain amount of texts to use each month, and if you don’t use them all, you lose them all.  All of our plans roll over your minutes to the next month, so you’ll never lose out if you don’t use them all right away! What if you use up all of the messages before your month is up? Easy just click the upgrade tab and you can scale up easily and instantly. Never be without SMS Text Messaging capability.


Unlimited Lead Generators

In marketing the list is ‘King’. Generate tons leads for your messaging lists with our automated Lead Generator. Use your lists to market your products and service easily with this feature. Set up a lead generator for every product or service you sell and collect the prospects contact information on your business text messaging list automatically totally unattended. Perfect for Auto Dealerships or any business that has products on a lot or warehouse. Don’t miss that prospect because you were not there!


Unlimited Autoresponders

Just like popular web platforms like Aweber and Get Response, you can set up autoresponder messages to go out in the intervals that you want. Your clients and customers will receive the sms text messages automatically.  SMS Message Pro autoresponders can send to single groups or multiple groups. Create a unique group and set it be an autoresponder and you are done. You can set up to 4 trailing messages to be sent to your subscribers. Automate the sms text messaging process!


Unlimited Message Scheduling

Do you want to send appointments and service reminders or send out messages on a set schedule?  No Problem!  With  SMS Message Pro you can do that and more. Whether you’re reminding your customers of an appointment or letting them know about your big holiday party, you can schedule messages to go out days, weeks, months and even years in advance! SMS Text Messages are great for Appointments and Service reminders. This will help your business make more money!


Unlimited Messages *(for self hosted)

Our Self-Hosted plan lets you send all the messages you want! Start your own SMS Text Message Service Business. Sell the packages you want.


SMS Message Pro is available with 4 different message options, custom packages and the complete purchase of the software. Don’t let your business get behind, get control of your coupons, discounts and build solid relationships with your customers NOW.


 All packages and systems contain every feature we have built into our SMS Messaging Platform. The only difference is in the number of messages per plan to send on a monthly basis. You can upgrade you package with a click of a button at any time and only pay for the messages you use. SMS Message Pro has been proven countless times to improve any business’ bottom line rapidly when deployed and used weekly.