Why should I Use SMS Text Message Marketing?

There are many reasons to use Text Message Marketing but the main reasons are ; 100% of your customers have a cell phone, 85% of your customers use text messages everyday, and text messages on the average get opened and read within 4 minutes. Google’s recent mobile survey states the SMS Text Message Marketing is still the most popular and cost effective way to advertise to your customers.

I do not have the time to manage the SMS Service, can you help me?

Yes we do offer a managed service for MS Message Pro. We have many business that we do this for very successfully. Each business is different, so each managed service is quoted and handled individually. Call us to schedule a consultation so that we can accurately assess your situation and understand your market.

Where Should I Use Text Messages to Market My Business

Everywhere! There is no silver bullet or easy button in marketing of any kind. SMS Text Message Marketing is no different. You always incorporate your mobile marketing campaigns into your other online and offline efforts.

Do I need a business website to use the SMS Messaging System?

No. A business website is not necessary. Your Messaging system runs on our servers or your Internet servers. If you have a website we can install a sign-up form for you customers to join you subscription list.

How much does SMS Message Pro Cost?

SMS Message Pro is a monthly subscription. We base our prices on the number of messages in a package. For the Starter package each message would cost you 7.6 cents. The Gold Package the cost per message is 3.6 cents per message. No other service or host fees are charged. It is a true pay as you go system.

How does my billing cycle work?

SMS Message Pro is a monthly subscription service. Your month starts on the day you subscribe. Within SMS Message Pro are two counters, one for the month and one for you message count. Your subscription comes up for renewal on a monthly cycle or when your message count is used up depending on which happens first. If your monthly renewal happens before your message count is exhausted then your unused messages are rolled over to your account upon the renewal of your subscription. If your message count runs out before the month then you can renew your subscription at that time and your monthly cycle will be adjusted to start at the time you renew.

What happens to my unused messages at the end of the month?

At the end of your month any unused messages are rolled over to your account. When your month ends and there are messages left over, you will pay your normal subscription fee and the unused messages will be automatically added to the number of messages in your subscription.  You never lose any messages.

What do I do when I have used up all of my messages?

You will be prompted to renew your subscription. At that time you can renew for the same subscription or choose to upgrade your subscription to have a larger message count. When this happens and you choose to renew your service, your billing cycle starts the date you renew your service. For example:if you renew your services on the 20th of the month because you ran out of messages, your service month will run to the 20th of the next month.

I want to try SMS Message Pro, do you have Free Trials?

Yes we do. Free Trials are for 1 month of service and 600 messages.

Where can I find the documentation for SMS Message Pro?

Our documentation is on this site. We have short video tutorials and printed documentation as well.

Are there any set-up charges?

No, we do not charge for setting up SMS Message Pro. Creating a subscriber account is easy and can be done within the system or subscribers can create their account online by clicking the subscribe button.

How can I get Support?

Support is handled two ways, the first level of support is handled by sending an e-mail to support@smsmessagepro.com, the second level of support is covered with Skype.